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Why is the 1982 HH Football team not in the Schools Sports Hall of Fame??

Varsity - 1982 Season
Posted Thursday, November 24, 2011 by George Remaily
     I have broadcasted and been around a lot of high school football in my day.  I have seen some great games and some great teams.  I have broadcasted 6 state championships, eastern finals, and district one championship games for CB WEST from 1990-2000. CB WEST has had some really great teams. They had a 56 game unbeaten streak and a 60 game unbeaten streak as well... I know my football. 
     Hatboro-Horsham High School has had a great history as well, especially in the late 60's,70's and early 80's. I remember one day sitting in former CB WEST head coach Mike Pettine Sr.'s office and we were talking about football... He told me that HH used be WEST biggest rival more that EAST during those years. There were some memorable games between the two schools and they fought almost every year for the old Bux Mont Title.  Dennis Steinly Sr. and Mike Pettine Sr well created one of the best rivalries back then.
     The 1982 Hatboro-Horsham Football team well was the last team to beat a Mike Pettine Sr coached C.B. West team.  The Hatters that year had 5 shutouts that season. They beat CB WEST 7-2 at ALDEN Field and also beat CB EAST 3-0 in Doylestown that same year. Yes we always hear that CENTRAL BUCKS was on strike that year and those games could of been different but guess what, no excuses... Coach Pettine told me in his office that was one of the best HH teams he had ever faced, that 1982 team and no excuses. West had a pretty damn good team that year lead by the coach's son Mike Pettine Jr at quarterback. After that season West went on their historic 56 game unbeaten streak.
     There was no State playoffs back than like today but that Hatters team was a really special team. They were the best team in the schools long football history. Can someone please tell me why that team has never been voted into the school's sports hall of fame.. That is a complete joke and something needs to be done. That is total injustice for a team that was the best in school's history. This team deserves all the acknowledgement and honors. For them not to is an absolute crime.  Whoever is in charge with the sports hall of fame there needs to do something about it or resign.

George Remaily

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